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  • 5 Apr 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    The inaugural Tech Summit was epic! It was casual yet professional, with a fantastic party-like feeling. You know the kind of party you look forward to months in advance and get excited just at the thought of it? That was the reality for many in attendance.

    For years, PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi envisioned a time when industry visionaries and practitioners would talk shop, plan, and commit to getting things done. The Tech Summit had this in spades.

    A Note From Jon Norris

    Jon Norris, the PromoStandards Immediate Past Chair, said it best. “What happens when you assemble a cross-section of industry leaders, tech leaders, and pure technologists in the same room for three days? An incredible passion for collaboration to solve the industry's pain points.”

    We Get a Lot Done

    Getting things done is the whole vibe of PromoStandards. If we had a motto, “Get ‘er done!” would probably be it. We were at the Tech Summit to discuss issues, solve problems, and talk about the future, all for the mutual benefit of the entire industry.

    During the event, Alessi recapped 2022 and presented the 2023 roadmap built on the vision and hard work of PromoStandard volunteers.

    Not only did we get a lot done, but we also have a lot more in store. It’s continuing to be an exciting ride.

    Join the PromoStandards Community

    Another Tech Summit is planned for February 2024. If you’re passionate about this industry and recognize the power of digital transformation, this trip is for you. Come along for the ride!

    To become a member and join the PromoStandards community, sign up today!

  • 16 Mar 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    At the end of February, PromoStandards held its inaugural Tech Summit in Tampa, FL. The event was designed from the ground up to be laser-focused on the integration needs of the industry. Not surprisingly, it was truly incredible.

    PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi was honored to open the event and share his thoughts.

    Digital Transformation

    There was a time well after the automobile, electricity, and the telephone were invented when people were still driving a horse-and-buggy to their candle-lit homes. Now we see electric cars that can drive themselves. From integration to AI and data privacy to cybersecurity, the entire landscape is eroding and evolving; by extension, so do our businesses.

    We’re seeing how technology can transform an industry, marketplace, business, and even users. Digital transformation goes by many names: business process automation, electronic data interchange, systems integration, digital integration, and digital enablement. Technology is transforming everything. Today, people walk around with a mobile computer in their pocket, connected to the Internet through high-speed, wireless, and digital communication, the core concept of which was invented in 1876.

    Data is at the heart of everything we do, and it's growing for businesses and individuals alike. This digital matter builds industries, societies, and the world.

    Businesses are waking up to the inadequacies of the old ways of doing business and looking to transform to meet the digital realities of today. There are inefficiencies in the supply chain, and individuals have the capability to make their personal supply chain efficient. Automated data processing is the number one goal. Untouched by humans, it's managed and leveraged, providing amazing results.

    Our Solution

    The promotional products industry is unique in many ways, and mainstream solutions didn’t quite fit. The standards for the retail supply chain don’t work for us, and for a long time, many in the industry couldn’t see how we could get there. The industry wasn’t ready, even just 10 years ago.

    That all started to change with the founding of PromoStandards. We openly shared a vision of optimizing our supply chain and transforming it through open standards and digital integration.

    It takes us coming together as a community to develop and adopt open standards. Every member of PromoStandards and every adopter proves what’s possible for our industry. We see the potential in integrating and automating the process, eliminating the labor, errors, and time required to complete the order lifecycle.

    The PromoStandards Community

    Technologists and business leaders have a place to come together as a community to learn, discuss, and build the future. In this place, they develop state-of-the-art standards and work to understand the technological needs of the industry in an open and organized manner. This place is PromoStandards.

    Every member of PromoStandards strives to make their businesses more efficient and their internal and external customers happier by leveraging technology.

    PromoStandards knows what they’re doing is right.

    • Distributors come to PromoStandards looking for software and find industry-leading open standards instead, which suppliers are looking to implement.
    • Service providers are looking to get heavily involved.
    • Other industries, even on other continents, want to learn how they can implement standards.
    • Busy professionals want to volunteer for the cause.
    • Others are looking to copy what PromoStandards does.

    Join PromoStandards Today!

    Know what is going on with your supply chain by attending our educational events and renewing or becoming a member today!

    You can also stay up-to-date with the latest news from PromoStandards by following us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • 23 Feb 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    The inaugural 2023 PromoStandards Tech Summit was the largest event in the promotional products industry. This sold-out event featured two days of education tracts focusing on industry-relevant technology and PromoStandards integrations. More than 150 participants representing 75 companies attended, thereby connecting technology and business leaders across the supply chain.

    Here’s an overview of the speakers and the topics they discussed!

    Monday, February 20, 2023

    Eric Alessi, Chair of PromoStandards and President & CEO at Essent Corporation, welcomed attendees and set the stage for what to expect!

    Generating Value from Data: Building a Data Science Practice

    Then Dr. Tom Stablein, Director of the Global Master of Science in Business Analytics & Information Systems Program at the USF Muma College of Business, took the stage as the keynote speaker. His topic, Generating Value from Data: Building a Data Science Practice, defined data science and went over modeling, identifying business needs, designing a roadmap, and more.

    Executing Digital Transformation

    Michael Conway, Managing Director of Digital Transformation at Aspirant, spoke about Executing Digital Transformation. This session educated professionals on how to align customer experiences to strategic business goals.

    Digital Transformation on the Factory Floor

    Catherine Graham, Co-Founder and CEO at commonsku, was the leader of the panel discussion on Digital Transformation on the Factory Floor. Other panelists were Donough Deutsch, VP of IT Systems and Operations at alphabroder, Philip Gergen, Senior VP of Technology at Koozie Group, and Jon Norris, COO at Starline Inc.

    This discussion investigated the impact of digital transformation on factory floors and warehouses across the promotional products landscape.

    “The Tech Summit is a place to get together, learn, and rekindle old friendships and make new ones. It’s an opportunity to keep the momentum going for overall technology adoption,” said Graham.

    Roundtable Discussions

    Participants then engaged in roundtable discussions, with Rebekah Ellis, Information Technology Analyst at SanMar, as the session leader. Topics varied from promotional product-specific to technology in general. People met others with the same interests or who were trying to solve the same problems.

    Breakout Sessions

    There were four breakout sessions.

    1. One was on PromoStandards Case Studies by Amy Rabideau, VP of Product at Facilisgroup. She highlighted promotional production companies benefitting from PromoStandards integrations in their businesses.
    2. Another was on ERP Journeys: Selecting, Implementing, and Connecting by Jon Norris, COO at Starline Inc. This talk covered the digital transformation journey of navigating an ERP implementation and how that integrates with supply chain APIs.
    3. Up next was the topic PromoStandards Best Practices by Ajay Kaul, Application Support Manager at SanMar. He dove into the best practices for PromoStandards adoption and implementation.
    4. Lastly was Technology Supporting a Hybrid Workforce by panel leader David Jackson, VP of Information Technology at Spector & Co. This session covered the tools and best practices for supporting a hybrid workforce in the promotional products industry.

    My Worst Day in Tech

    Jon Norris then had an open-mic discussion on My Worst Day in Tech. Audience members chimed in on a lighthearted recanting of tech transformation horror stories. After all, not every day in technology is glamorous.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2023

    Philip Gergen kicked off day two of the Tech Summit!

    Network Security: Cyber Incident in Progress

    Mike Pfeiffer, VP of Technology at American Solutions for Business, was up next. He showed attendees what it’s like to experience a cyberattack. They walked through the timeline, what protective measures are effective, and how proper response strategies are deployed.

    Exclusive Launch of PromoStandards Order Management Service

    Day two featured a detailed launch and walkthrough of PromoStandards’ latest standard! Eric Shonebarger, President at Hit Promotional Products, Inc., showed live demos of the industry-altering Order Management Service, the nonprofit’s most significant release in three years.

    “The Tech Summit is the best opportunity to engage a community of forward-thinking technology professionals who are driving digital transformation in the promotional products industry,” said Shonebarger.

    Identifying and Solving Industry Pain Points

    Eric Alessi, President & CEO at Essent Corporation, was the leader of the panel discussion on Identifying and Solving Industry Pain Points. Other panelists were Daniel Hodges, Senior VP of Engineering at OrderMyGear, Mike Pfeiffer, and Eric Shonebarger.

    This panel explored the pain points of the industry from order processing, supply chain, and technology standpoints, helping to develop the roadmap for PromoStandards and our community.

    Winners Announced

    An awards ceremony during the event recognized Hack-A-Thon winners and individual achievements within the industry. Proforma CTO Brian Carothers was named Distributor Person of the Year, ZOOMcatalog Co-founder Bryony Zasman was named Service Provider Person of the Year, and Hit Promotional Products, Inc. CIO Raj Mukherjee was named Supplier Person of the Year.

    Join PromoStandards Today!

    “Everyone should join the PromoStandards community, where industry technology is developed and advanced,” said Alessi. “The world is being digitally transformed before our eyes, and PromoStandards is the vehicle for being part of that transformation.”

    Are you ready to join the PromoStandards community and make a difference? To become a member, sign up today!

  • 9 Feb 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Did you know that February is technology month; who knew?

    The month contains many days dedicated to technology, including:

    • Change Your Password Day,
    • National Clean Out Your Computer Day,
    • Safer Internet Day,
    • Innovation Day,
    • And Digital Learning Day.

    February is also nationally observed as Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Month!

    As we make our way into February, PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi felt it was only appropriate to recognize the significance FOSS Month holds for PromoStandards and our technology-driven world.

    February & Open-Source Software

    Starting in 2017, the National Day Calendar has recognized February as FOSS Month to recognize the cooperative approach to computer programming, open licensing, and free distribution of software. Now, that’s something to get excited about!

    Free and Open-Source Software provides publicly available code for users and contributors, allowing users to alter the code, such as:

    • Improving the design,
    • Fixing glitches,
    • And adding other beneficial features.

    The collaborative development of varying independent sources has proven to be much more effective than any single company in creating and sustaining a diverse range of design perspectives.

    Open-Source Software is more important than many people realize.

    Open-Software Solutions do not have borders. They significantly improve the world as they are significant resources for global institutions like:

    • Government administrations,
    • Universities,
    • Companies,
    • And many other major organizations.

    FOSS & Promo Technology

    The FOSS benefits are undeniable for many and highly relevant to the PromoStandards mission:

    “To leverage the Open-Source Initiative so we can provide the fundamental processes, protocols, and education necessary to make custom product industries more efficient.”

    For information on the Open-Source Initiative, please visit https://opensource.org/.

    Continuing A Tradition

    February has always been a special month for PromoStandards.

    In our early days, our founders met every February in Tampa. The purpose of this annual trip was to collaborate in person to develop the standards—the respite from the frigid February winter up North was also enjoyable.

    This year, we are continuing that tradition. We are genuinely excited to have the time to reconnect as experts in custom products industries and passionate providers of accessible computer programming standards.

    The PromoStandards Tech Summit

    PromoStandards has been busy innovating, and we have a lot to announce as we embrace February as our very own Promo Technology Month.

    As we continue to empower the industry through Open-Source Software, we are also hosting our PromoStandards Tech Summit from February 19 to February 21 in Tampa!

    It may be wintertime and cold for most of North America, but as far as promo technology goes, it’s hot.

    Here’s to the PromoStandards Tech Summit and Promo Technology Month!

  • 2 Feb 2023 9:41 AM | Anonymous

    Siloed communication lines are inefficient for any industry. They waste time, resources, and labor. They also manage to leave room for confusion and inaccurate information distribution simultaneously.

    PromoStandards is a nonprofit organization that develops and implements practical electronic communication standards for custom products industries.

    PromoStandards is growing in membership, increasing the number of standards, and expanding the standards’ adoption to more organizations to help solve industry pain points, like:

    • Inefficient complex multi-level industry relationships (orchestrating entities, products, protocols, and procedures),
    • A lack of product information transparency, 
    • Inefficient and outdated proprietary supplier systems, 
    • And inferior supplier, decorator, and distributor management resources.

    As of January 2023, PromoStandards has over 200 member organizations and thousands of adopters in multiple industries worldwide, enabling the transmission of billions of dollars in transactions.

    Please keep reading to learn more about our organization’s operations, history, and leadership!

    What is PromoStandards?

    We are member-driven and volunteer-run. Membership is open to any organization wishing to utilize or contribute to developing open standards that benefit all industry professionals.

    PromoStandards does not provide business software. Instead, we publish technical specifications businesses can incorporate to improve their existing software.

     Our organization has three main goals:

    • Develop Industry Standards
    • Facilitate Third-Party Service Providers
    • Sponsors Educational Events.

    The educational events are valuable resources that assist other organizations in implementing integration protocols, providing a level playing field for everyone in the industry.

    How Do We Develop Standards?

    PromoStandards is dedicated to developing open standards by leveraging the Open-Source Initiative.

    Open Standards mutually benefit all parties that utilize them, mirroring PromoStandards’ drive to improve communication efficiency and resolve pain points for industry professionals.

    PromoStandards’ Standard-Development Process:

    1. We create a user story describing a user persona’s (perspective user) goal and the problem preventing them from achieving it, followed by a vision of success that solves the user persona’s dilemma.
    2. The Board of Directors presides over the Standards Committee to form workgroups to draft the standards.
    3. Eligible PromoStandards Members ratify the Standards Committee’s drafted standards. 
    4. Once ratified, the standards become available to any industry professional who wishes to use them.

    *Eligible PromoStandards Members may serve on committees, participate in workgroups, provide feedback, and ratify a drafted standard.

    PromoStandards’ Origins

    In 2015, leading industry veteran organizations formed PromoStandards.

    These organizations were:

    • Essent Corporation,
    • Facilisgroup,
    • Geiger,
    • HALO Branded Solutions,
    • Hit Promotional Products Inc.,
    • Koozie Group,
    • Polyconcept North America (PCNA),
    • SanMar,
    • Stables Promotional Products,
    • And Starline Inc.

    The collaboration between these organizations offered a diverse group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers that shared the same vision: to make digital integration and interoperability open and standardized between industry trading partners.

    By 2018 PromoStandards was incorporated as a Pennsylvania corporation and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(6) non-profit business league, allowing us to strategize more effectively to achieve our initial goals and planning for future endeavors.


    PromoStandards’ founders established our active Board of Directors, which is currently transitioning into a board of advisory members voted in to fill one of the 12 Director seats.

    The Board’s primary role is to preside over the Standards Committee’s formation of workgroups tasked with drafting standards that align with the Board of Directors and our organization’s strategic goals.

    As of 2023, the following industry professionals hold seats on the Board of Directors:

    • Eric Alessi, Chair – President and CEO at Essent Corporation
    • Catherine Graham, Vice-Chair – Co-Founder, and CEO at commonsku
    • Philip Gergen, Treasurer – Senior Vice President of Technology at Koozie Group
    • Jon Norris, Immediate Past Chair – Chief Operating Officer at Starline, Inc.
    • Eric Shonebarger, Standards Committee Chair – President at Hit Promotional Products Inc.
    • Irwin Goldstein – Vice President of Enterprise and Solutions Architecture at HALO Branded Solutions
    • Mike Knapick – Chief Information Officer at SanMar
    • Dan Kroymann – Director of Information Technology at Staples Promotional Products
    • Amy Rabideau – VP of Product at Facilisgroup
    • Steven Stanley – Senior Vice President of Technology at ePromos Promotional Products
    • Edward Streiff – Senior Manager of Application Development at Polyconcept North American (PCNA)
    • Shawn White – Vice President of Information Technology at Geiger

    PromoStandards Is Here to Help!

    We simplify communication between suppliers, decorators, distributors, and service providers to streamline product development and management in the custom products industries.

    Our standards are free for anyone who wishes to utilize them. However, we recommend viewing our Membership Application to learn more about our three membership levels and the benefits associated with each one.

    If you have questions about PromoStandards or want to get involved with our organization, please contact us at https://promostandards.org/membership-application.

  • 26 Jan 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    PromoStandards had a great kickoff to the new year. During the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, PromoStandards had a Member's Lounge room on Monday, January 9, from 9 am to 5 pm PST and held January’s education session, The Power of PromoStandards, from 1 pm to 2 pm PST.

    In this month’s session, they dove into how PromoStandards isn’t just a standard; it’s a transformational way of conducting business within our supply chain.

    Eric Alessi, President & CEO of Essent Corporation, is also the Chairman of PromoStandards. He said, “It’s always exciting to see the turnout and interest in PromoStandards along with the opportunity for trading partners to meet face-to-face.”

    Progress and Membership

    Jon Norris, Chief Operating Officer at Starline Inc. and Immediate Past Chair of PromoStandards, started his presentation by stating PromoStandards is the only open standard for the promotional products industry. There are:

    • 2,112 supplier endpoints, a 131% growth in 2022.
    • 443 suppliers hosting endpoints, a 74% growth.
    • 1,000+ distributors using PromoStandards.

    PromoStandards standardizes the transfer of vital information to move transactions forward, and companies that start using PromoStandards enter a movement that’s bringing integration, automation, and efficiency to the supply chain.

    Distributor Benefits

    Catherine Graham, Co-Founder and CEO at commonsku, is also a Current Board Member and Committee Chair for PromoStandards’ Service Provider Committee. She went over how PromoStandards creates a new, better way of working.

    Key benefits for distributors include:

    • accurate orders, so there’s no back and forth;
    • automated order status, so there’s no time spent chasing and following up;
    • and dramatically faster quoting and ordering, so there’s more time for selling.

    Graham said after the event, “It was wonderful to see such a range of distributors, suppliers, and service providers show up at the PromoStandards education event at the PPAI Expo. There were great questions and engagement, with the attendees keen to see how we can continue to progress and drive implementation of digital transformation across the industry.”

    Supplier Benefits

    Eric Shonebarger, President at HIT Promotional Products, Inc. and Standards Committee Chair at PromoStandards, explained why distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry should integrate their ordering platform. Shonebarger said, “It’s great to see how widely supported PromoStandards has become across suppliers, distributors, and service providers in the industry.”

    Distributors and suppliers benefit from the following.

    1. Enhanced accuracy – By automating the ordering process, distributors and suppliers can reduce the risk of errors or misunderstandings that can occur when orders are placed manually. This can improve the accuracy of orders and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.
    2. Improved efficiency – Integrating the ordering platform allows distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry to streamline their processes, reducing the time and effort required to place and track orders. This can improve the accuracy of orders and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.
    3. Increased visibility – Integrating the ordering platform can provide greater visibility into the supply chain, allowing distributors and suppliers to track the status of orders in real time and identify any potential issues or bottlenecks. This can improve communication and coordination within the supply chain.

    Suppliers specifically should use PromoStandards because:

    • PromoStandards is the only open and free standard in the industry.
    • PromoStandards has a large existing distributor market.
    • PromoStandards is designed to be point-to-point. You stay in control with your trading partners.

    Know What’s Going On

    It’s 2023; customers are going to demand you know what is going on with your supply chain. What can you do? You can attend our educational events and renew or become a member today!

    To stay up-to-date with the latest news from PromoStandards, follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • 12 Jan 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    It’s only natural to start January by reflecting on the last year and looking to the new year. By all accounts, 2022 was a very good year for PromoStandards and industry integration, and everyone is taking note.

    PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi reflects on how the standards, which are mature, proven, and based on critical needs, have created a network that is getting stronger and stronger.

    A Year in Review

    The industry is confident in PromoStandards, and adopters are encouraging others to integrate. As a result, both adoption and membership are up.

    Standards are improving with second versions of the integration endpoints to fill requested features. Additional standards are being developed for new functionality to bring even more efficiency and automation.

    Trading partners are building on the success they’ve had in 2022 by implementing additional endpoints and integrating with more partners.

    All in all, PromoStandards members are getting involved in the process, and adoption is a great leading indicator of future success.

    PromoStandards Integration

    There is value in integrating, even with one important trading partner. The information that used to take a lot of time and labor to communicate is now done automatically and accurately, providing a hassle-free experience.

    Industries organically organize and grow into a strong network with:

    • open standards that anyone can adopt,
    • a community that helps everyone succeed,
    • and an organization that encourages everyone to participate in developing the standards.

    The PromoStandards Community

    20th-century American philosopher William Durant said, in summarizing Aristotle, that success breeds success. Aristotle also said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    You may be wondering how these philosophers relate to PromoStandards. Through our community, PromoStandards has built a successful network. In doing so, we’re developing even more functionality.

    What We Do Matters

    Members and consumers of PromoStandards are key to creating solutions. As adoption continues to grow, so do the opportunities for positive outcomes. Here’s to continued success in 2023 and beyond!

    To become a member, sign up today!

  • 22 Dec 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    We live in an age of digital transformation, an ultra-connected world where the power of the Internet, communication protocols, and application programming interfaces (API) systems can communicate with one another at the speed of light to work as an integrated system. Throughout the world, systems leverage these technologies to transform how we work and play, allowing us and our systems to do more in less time.

    The phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” applies to digital integration, where layers of open standards are fundamentally transforming how industries, marketplaces, businesses, and even users interact with the supply chain. A number of industries have already been radically transformed.

    Industries are waking up to the inefficiencies of the supply chain. Moving forward, we cannot rely on email threads and phone-tag to complete simple tasks and get the answers we need.

    The promotional products industry is unique in many ways, and mainstream solutions didn’t quite fit. The standards for the retail supply chain don’t work for us, and for a long time, many in the industry couldn’t see how we could get there. The industry wasn’t ready, even just 10 years ago.

    That’s where PromoStandards comes in. We have a proven vision of optimizing our supply chain and transforming it through open standards and digital integration. Continue reading for ways to make your business better!

    PromoStandards Makes Software Better

    PromoStandards makes promotional product business software better through open standards that enable digital integration, specifically designed for the industry.

    Leveraging the power of PromoStandards is straightforward. Use software that utilizes PromoStandards integration protocols, or have your software developers use the published standards to implement the protocols themselves.

    In making your software better, you improve your business for the entire supply chain, including your trading partners, employees, and customers. However you work, PromoStandards has a way for you to reach your goals.

    PromoStandards Protocols

    PromoStandards doesn’t write software; we develop the communication protocols and publish the communication specifications and application programming interfaces (API) that allow disparate systems to integrate. In a sense, PromoStandards wrote the book on how companies in the industry can electronically communicate.

    PromoStandards protocols are organized into three major document sets.

    The Status Document Set includes:

    • PS-IA PromoStandards Inventory Availability,
    • PS-OS PromoStandards Order Status,
    • and PS-OSN PromoStandards Order Ship Notice.

    The Data Document Set includes:

    • PS-PD PromoStandards Product Detail,
    • PS-PC PromoStandards Product Compliance,
    • PS-PPC PromoStandards Product Price & Configuration,
    • and PS-MC PromoStandards Media Content.

    The Transaction Document Set includes:

    • PS-PO PromoStandards Purchase Order,
    • PS-OM PromoStandards Order Management,
    • and PS-INV PromoStandards Invoice.

    Why Integrate?

    PromoStandards integration provides businesses with several advantages.

    PromoStandards Makes It Easier for Buyers to Buy and Sellers to Sell

    • Suppliers can immediately and accurately communicate customer-specific prices and availability.
    • Distributors can look in their system in real-time to see what’s available from a supplier purchase and at what price.
    • Customers can see inventory in real-time, increasing confidence, reducing backorders, and eliminating dissatisfaction.

    PromoStandards Leads to Reduced Time and Labor

    • Emails and phone calls take time and labor. Customer service calls are reduced for everyone throughout the entire order lifecycle.
    • Custom orders can be entered with accuracy.
    • Having to manually enter custom orders each day is eliminated.

    PromoStandards Helps Everyone Be Happier

    • Modern commerce is fast-paced. Labor and delay are reduced throughout the entire order lifecycle.
    • Today people expect digital integration, real-time data, and customer portals — all possible at every level of the supply chain through PromoStandards protocols.
    • Accuracy is critical. Information comes right from the source, untouched by people, making it as accurate as possible.

    PromoStandards Adoption Is Growing

    PromoStandards is an open standard, built on open standards. The mature, proven technology suite was first introduced in 2015. More than 1,300 companies are using PromoStandards and representing tens of thousands of integrations. These numbers are growing every day!

    Use PromoStandards in Any Industry

    While PromoStandards comes from the promotional products industry, the standards were written for custom product transactions in general. PromoStandards protocols are relatively lightweight and easy to implement, leveraging open standards and modern programming patterns. As a result, PromoStandards can be and is utilized by other industries throughout the world.

    The PromoStandards Community

    PromoStandards isn’t just a bunch of great standards that companies happen to standardize on, it’s a community for trading partners – suppliers, distributors, decorators, and service providers – to come together and collaborate on making business better through systems integration that enables digital transformation.

    PromoStandards Is Inclusive

    PromoStandards is truly inclusive. Members and adopters include:

    • companies of all sizes,
    • end-customers that consume the data,
    • and the manufacturers, suppliers, decorators, distributors, and service providers representing the entire supply chain.

    Adoption ranges from notable industry suppliers (like alphabroder, Hit Promotional Products, Koozie Group, PCNA, SanMar, and Starline) to large distributors (like Geiger, HALO Branded Solutions, and Staples) along with thousands of users through service providers (like commonsku, Essent Corporation, and Facilisgroup).

    Whether you are in the industry, outside of the industry, or somewhere in between, PromoStandards welcomes you to our community and invites you to get involved and adopt the standards.

    Organizations throughout the industry see the value and are proud to state, “We standardize on PromoStandards.”

    Implement PromoStandards Today

    Transform the way you work alongside your trading partners, vendors, and customers by implementing PromoStandards.

    With four membership levels, you can choose the one that works best for you. Become a member today and see what the future of your business can hold!

  • 5 Dec 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi has always been thankful for the commitment of the PromoStandards community of members and volunteers that have amassed as the non-profit continues to improve the industry through evolving standards.

    Recent interactions with members have only made Eric more optimistic about the future of PromoStandards and the industry.

    A Recent Reminder

    Just before Thanksgiving, Eric met with a PromoStandards member, a prominent supplier in the industry. As is common these days, the member explained that their organization was undergoing management changes.

    The member felt it was only right to let Eric know about those changes but that the organization was steadfast in its continued commitment to PromoStandards.

    They expressed their desire to further embrace our standards and get more involved in our initiative, reaffirming that what we do matters.

    PromoStandards & Member Commitment

    His meeting with that supplier was only one of many that Eric has had with other members. Each time he walks away with a renewed respect for PromoStandards’ members and an optimistic outlook on the industry and the role that PromoStandards plays in it.

    PromoStandards provides the framework to reduce friction throughout the supply chain, ultimately improving the industry.

    The powerful words and actions of our members bolster our commitment to and vision for the industry's future. It’s our members that make improving the industry possible.

    We Love Our Community

    PromoStandards and our community are facilitators of positive change. We develop open standards that benefit everyone involved.

    We thank our members for their continued commitment and adoption so we can continue to improve the welfare of the industry. Here’s to the industry, members, and volunteers that make up our incredible community. It’s a true gift for all.

    PromoStandards is actively improving the industry and its standards as it works with its valued members. Sign up to become a member and join an organization that’s for the industry, by the industry.

  • 24 Nov 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    PromoStandards is a community, and those who become members have access to important information and proven service providers. In this member spotlight, we’ll cover SanMar, the award-winning supplier. Here’s an in-depth look into who SanMar is and how adopting PromoStandards integration helped move their transactions forward.


    Based outside Seattle, WA, and family-owned since 1971, SanMar is a supplier of over 20 retail and private brands of imprintable apparel and accessories. This includes Port Authority, America’s No. 1 preferred private label. Plus, SanMar is the exclusive distributor of Nike Golf, Eddie Bauer®, OGIO®, and New Era®.

    They work with screen printers, embroiderers, athletic dealers, and promotional companies to tell stories through apparel. While it’s true SanMar makes and sells t-shirts, as well as tank tops, polos, hoodies, backpacks, outerwear, and more, they’re also making meaningful connections. When people wear personalized gear, they become a part of their community, whether that’s a club, team, or movement.

    The company has:

    • 8 national distribution centers.
    • 5.6+ million sq. ft. of inventory space.
    • 1 or 2-day delivery to 99.7% of the country.
    • been in business for 50+ years.
    • products worn by schools and teams, Fortune 500 companies, local governments, small businesses, and community event participants.

    PromoStandard’s Impact

    In 2016, SanMar began adopting PromoStandards integration. To date, they have been using:

    • Order Status and Product Data endpoints since 2017.
    • Inventory since 2018.
    • Product Configuration, Media, and Order Status since 2019.
    • Invoices since 2020.

    “The goal was to make it as easy as possible for our distributor customers to access the data needed for their systems,” said Mike Knapick, Chief Information Officer at SanMar. “By taking advantage of trading partner integration, customers have the information they need more quickly and efficiently, eliminating the time and work spent tracking down inventory details.”

    Become a PromoStandards Member!

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