As a new member of PromoStandards, you'll want to know how to begin. Whether you need a service provider or are doing the work in-house, we have you covered! This video shares everything you need to know, from where to go to log in and find information to how to access endpoints and request credentials. Simply press play to learn about getting started with PromoStandards!


1:51- Mission of Collaboration

3:42- “We Standardize On PromoStandards”

5:20- Tech Summit & HackAThon

7:42- What this video will go over 

9:18- Info on Membership

11:20- Slack Benefit of Membership Info

13:57- Why the Login?

14:47- Where do I find the Standards

15:35- Recourses: 

16:11- PromoStandards Endpoints

18:11- Who has what Endpoints

20:11- How do I get contact data

22:17- How do I get credentials

26:06- What Services are Available

26:57 What should I do 1st?

32:29- What data should I expect to be returned ( Web Service Validator)

39:55- Best Practices

42:17- Do I have the resources to do this internally

44:16- What if I don’t have someone on Staff to do this

46:29- Now What/Community Involvement 

47:16- Jon’s Tips

49:49- Education Schedule

50:17- Q&A

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