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As a volunteer-run nonprofit organization, PromoStandards is committed to improving supply chain and transactional efficiencies in the promotional products industry.

Our History

PromoStandards standardizes the transfer of vital information to move transactions forward. As integrated data sharing has become more undeniably valuable and essential, membership has grown tremendously over the years. Companies that start using PromoStandards enter a movement that’s bringing integration, automation, and efficiency to the supply chain.

Can you imagine taking on the task Promostandards has?

Picture this: a dedicated group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers from the firms Essent Corporation, Facilisgroup, Geiger, HALO Branded Solutions, Hit Promotional Products, Inc., Koozie Group, Polyconcept North America, Inc. (PCNA), SanMar, Staples, Inc., and Starline Inc. coming together in 2014 to create the first set of industry standards. As the years go by, the number of standards grows, and PromoStandards becomes an official nonprofit in 2019.

Today, PromoStandards continues to grow its standards as part of its dedication to streamlining the promotional products industry.

Mission Statement

Integration shows distributors accurate pricing and availability information from suppliers. It also streamlines product configuration, allowing the buyer to choose where the imprint should go and further customize the product according to rules set by the supplier.

Vision Statement

Reducing the number of phone calls and emails inquiring about inventory, the status of an order, product data, and more represents untold savings in time and labor. These, in turn, can be used for other activities that benefit distributors, suppliers, and the industry at large.

Value Statement

Our values are to collaborate openly and inclusively on the creation of industry-leading open standards to improve customer experiences, reduce transactional friction, and effectively execute digital strategies for industry participants.

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2591 Baglyos Cir Ste C53
Bethlehem, PA 18020

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