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Change Happens. We’re Here to Help. – Letter From the Chair

11 May 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

The certainty of change is an immutable truth. PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi is well acquainted with change and the digital landscape’s struggle to keep pace. Today’s efficiency is tomorrow’s inefficiency. But we cannot place the blame on change.

Inefficiency’s root cause lies in unadaptable infrastructure, limiting functionality and our potential growth. Consistent efficiency requires a fundamentally adaptable foundation to endure continuous change.

Finding Opportunity in the Chaos

As business leaders and consumers, our primary goal is success. For the custom products industry, success withers due to industry-legacy and proprietary management systems spurring the inefficiency responsible for disruptions.

To maximize success, we must implement adjustable infrastructures complementing an evolving industry and individual business needs.

Resilient digital business protocol and technology adoption spawns opportunity from the chaos of disruption, the opportunity for unbroken transformation preserving business efficiency.

Never let an opportunity pass you by!

At PromoStandards, we exploit disruption to develop communication protocols for reliably efficient digital integration and interoperability.

The COVID Wake-up Call

In 2020, the world experienced the rapid spread of COVID and the violent halt of daily life and operations. With alarming swiftness, the virus’s devastating impact exposed severe supply chain inefficiencies.

The world suffered the consequences of substandard communication protocols ingrained in each phase of the supply chain process:

  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Refining and Manufacturing
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Returns

The unpredictability of COVID and compromised business supply chain management unleashed a cascade of punishing blows across industries within each economic sector.

PromoStandards During COVID & Beyond

As businesses struggled with disjointed buyer-seller communication and an unreliable supply chain throughout the pandemic, PromoStandards helped trading partners with its Inventory Availability standard, providing a way to instantly communicate inventory levels in real-time.

Since our inception in 2015, PromoStandards has been developing and delivering open standards, setting the foundation for process automation.

Our protocols for the procure-to-pay lifecycle start with Inventory Availability before you ever place an order, conclude with Invoicing, and include standards for each step in between.  

But progress never sleeps!

We continuously refine existing standards and develop new ones, combating the effects of change with proactive digital transformation.

Let’s Face Change Together

PromoStandards is leading the industry’s digital transformation.

Confronting a challenge is considerably more approachable when you don’t have to do it alone. By adopting our standards, businesses learn to speak the same language, forming a harmonious industry network of adaptable infrastructures.

Change happens. It’s impossible to dodge its demanding influence. To stand the test of time, we must accept change entirely and embrace the opportunity for progress with absolute certainty.

Join the PromoStandards community to utilize our members-only resources that optimize the benefits of our open standards.

Together, sustainable success is possible!

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