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An Exciting Ride - Letter From the Chair

5 Apr 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

The inaugural Tech Summit was epic! It was casual yet professional, with a fantastic party-like feeling. You know the kind of party you look forward to months in advance and get excited just at the thought of it? That was the reality for many in attendance.

For years, PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi envisioned a time when industry visionaries and practitioners would talk shop, plan, and commit to getting things done. The Tech Summit had this in spades.

A Note From Jon Norris

Jon Norris, the PromoStandards Immediate Past Chair, said it best. “What happens when you assemble a cross-section of industry leaders, tech leaders, and pure technologists in the same room for three days? An incredible passion for collaboration to solve the industry's pain points.”

We Get a Lot Done

Getting things done is the whole vibe of PromoStandards. If we had a motto, “Get ‘er done!” would probably be it. We were at the Tech Summit to discuss issues, solve problems, and talk about the future, all for the mutual benefit of the entire industry.

During the event, Alessi recapped 2022 and presented the 2023 roadmap built on the vision and hard work of PromoStandard volunteers.

Not only did we get a lot done, but we also have a lot more in store. It’s continuing to be an exciting ride.

Join the PromoStandards Community

Another Tech Summit is planned for February 2024. If you’re passionate about this industry and recognize the power of digital transformation, this trip is for you. Come along for the ride!

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