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Our Community Is a Gift for All – Letter From the Chair

5 Dec 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi has always been thankful for the commitment of the PromoStandards community of members and volunteers that have amassed as the non-profit continues to improve the industry through evolving standards.

Recent interactions with members have only made Eric more optimistic about the future of PromoStandards and the industry.

A Recent Reminder

Just before Thanksgiving, Eric met with a PromoStandards member, a prominent supplier in the industry. As is common these days, the member explained that their organization was undergoing management changes.

The member felt it was only right to let Eric know about those changes but that the organization was steadfast in its continued commitment to PromoStandards.

They expressed their desire to further embrace our standards and get more involved in our initiative, reaffirming that what we do matters.

PromoStandards & Member Commitment

His meeting with that supplier was only one of many that Eric has had with other members. Each time he walks away with a renewed respect for PromoStandards’ members and an optimistic outlook on the industry and the role that PromoStandards plays in it.

PromoStandards provides the framework to reduce friction throughout the supply chain, ultimately improving the industry.

The powerful words and actions of our members bolster our commitment to and vision for the industry's future. It’s our members that make improving the industry possible.

We Love Our Community

PromoStandards and our community are facilitators of positive change. We develop open standards that benefit everyone involved.

We thank our members for their continued commitment and adoption so we can continue to improve the welfare of the industry. Here’s to the industry, members, and volunteers that make up our incredible community. It’s a true gift for all.

PromoStandards is actively improving the industry and its standards as it works with its valued members. Sign up to become a member and join an organization that’s for the industry, by the industry.

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