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Hurricane Ian - Letter From the Chair

25 Oct 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

While PromoStandards planned to host its first Tech Summit in October 2022, the weather had other plans. Hurricane Ian raked a path of destruction, devastating Florida and its Gulf Coast on September 28 and making landfall in South Carolina two days later. PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi reflects on how this turn of events is a reminder of the power of nature and how technology can be part of the solution.

Technology’s Impact

“As a technologist and business executive, I continue to be impressed with the positive impact technology has on businesses and individuals,” shared Alessi. A week before Hurricane Ian, The National Weather Service issued advisories of a potential storm and its general path. This advanced notice gave the public time to prepare.

Modern buildings were largely intact, many with minimal exterior damage. A major factor is modern building codes put in place after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992. Some of the toughest storm-specific codes in the country resulted. In the aftermath of Ian, the buildings with a 2007 code and beyond were left standing and in fine condition.

The Power of Nature

This is not to say this is a plus-side to the hurricane or that technology is a silver lining. Cities did not escape unscathed. Hurricane Ian is on one of the strongest hurricanes to strike the state, tying for the fourth-strongest storm.

  • 1935’s Labor Day Hurricane reached 185 mph
  • 1992’s Hurricane Andrew reached 165 mph
  • 2018’s Hurricane Michael reached 160 mph
  • 2004’s Hurricane Charley and 2022’s Hurricane Ian reached 150 mph

Let’s look at how technology is part of the solution.

The Power of Technology

The development and application of technology allow us to improve the human condition for all. Technology can prevent or eliminate problems altogether. No matter how large or small, technology has the power to make things better, sometimes in unexpected and impactful ways.

What We Do Matters

Members and consumers of PromoStandards are key to creating solutions. As adoption continues to grow, so do the opportunities for positive outcomes. What we do matters.

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