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PromoStandards Is the Place - Letter From the Chair

16 Mar 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

At the end of February, PromoStandards held its inaugural Tech Summit in Tampa, FL. The event was designed from the ground up to be laser-focused on the integration needs of the industry. Not surprisingly, it was truly incredible.

PromoStandards Chair Eric Alessi was honored to open the event and share his thoughts.

Digital Transformation

There was a time well after the automobile, electricity, and the telephone were invented when people were still driving a horse-and-buggy to their candle-lit homes. Now we see electric cars that can drive themselves. From integration to AI and data privacy to cybersecurity, the entire landscape is eroding and evolving; by extension, so do our businesses.

We’re seeing how technology can transform an industry, marketplace, business, and even users. Digital transformation goes by many names: business process automation, electronic data interchange, systems integration, digital integration, and digital enablement. Technology is transforming everything. Today, people walk around with a mobile computer in their pocket, connected to the Internet through high-speed, wireless, and digital communication, the core concept of which was invented in 1876.

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and it's growing for businesses and individuals alike. This digital matter builds industries, societies, and the world.

Businesses are waking up to the inadequacies of the old ways of doing business and looking to transform to meet the digital realities of today. There are inefficiencies in the supply chain, and individuals have the capability to make their personal supply chain efficient. Automated data processing is the number one goal. Untouched by humans, it's managed and leveraged, providing amazing results.

Our Solution

The promotional products industry is unique in many ways, and mainstream solutions didn’t quite fit. The standards for the retail supply chain don’t work for us, and for a long time, many in the industry couldn’t see how we could get there. The industry wasn’t ready, even just 10 years ago.

That all started to change with the founding of PromoStandards. We openly shared a vision of optimizing our supply chain and transforming it through open standards and digital integration.

It takes us coming together as a community to develop and adopt open standards. Every member of PromoStandards and every adopter proves what’s possible for our industry. We see the potential in integrating and automating the process, eliminating the labor, errors, and time required to complete the order lifecycle.

The PromoStandards Community

Technologists and business leaders have a place to come together as a community to learn, discuss, and build the future. In this place, they develop state-of-the-art standards and work to understand the technological needs of the industry in an open and organized manner. This place is PromoStandards.

Every member of PromoStandards strives to make their businesses more efficient and their internal and external customers happier by leveraging technology.

PromoStandards knows what they’re doing is right.

  • Distributors come to PromoStandards looking for software and find industry-leading open standards instead, which suppliers are looking to implement.
  • Service providers are looking to get heavily involved.
  • Other industries, even on other continents, want to learn how they can implement standards.
  • Busy professionals want to volunteer for the cause.
  • Others are looking to copy what PromoStandards does.

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